The final session is Date Your Products, Marry Your Brand!

The final course of the series will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned in the previous 3 sessions. This will include organizing your products, deciding which ones are worth carrying into the next year and setting yourself up for success in 2023. You will learn how to put into action all of the items we have learned in the first 3 courses. You will learn how to streamline your products and make changes when change is hard.

By this point, you should have all of your products, brand, and main business set up and can reorganize what has sold and what has not. If you have been following your business plan and goals, congratulations! You are likely to be ahead of where you had projected this point of the year. This is where you are married to your brand and only date your products. You will learn how to remove products that do not serve your business and make cuts to save money.

This class is extremely important as it will gear you towards a successful year of growth heading into the next year. You will review numbers, products and self reflection on what can you do better for the next year or

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